Movies and playing cards 電影和啤牌

Movies and playing cards may seem like two unrelated things, but they actually have a close relationship. Nowadays, more and more movies are collaborating with playing card brands to release limited edition decks, allowing fans to own a unique collectible. The most popular collaborations include the Marvel series, Batman, Harry Potter, 007, and Lord of the Rings.


However, in actual movies, the playing cards used are often Bee and Bicycle Rider Back decks released by USPCC. These decks have appeared in the Hong Kong God of Gamblers series, foreign movie 21, 007 series, and movies about con artists.

然而,在實際的電影中,使用的撲克牌卻往往是由USPCC推出的Bee和Bicycle Rider Back。這些撲克牌在香港賭神和賭聖系列、外國21電影、007系列或老千等為題的電影中都有出現。

Some movies even highlight the use of a particular brand or style of playing cards. For example, in the Now You See Me series, the Monarch deck released by Theory 11 became one of the most famous props in the movie. The company even released an exclusive edition of the film.

但是,有些電影會特別突出使用某種品牌或款式的撲克牌。例如在Now You See Me系列中,由Theory 11推出的Monarch系列就成為了該片中最著名的道具之一。而且這家公司還為該片推出了專屬版。

The upcoming John Wick 4 also features playing cards scenes using Artisian decks from the same company. These decks not only have exquisite designs but also high quality and durability. Of course, we belive there will also be exclusive editions for fans to collect.

最近即將上映的《John Wick 4 殺神》也有撲克牌戲份,而使用的正正是同公司的Artisian 撲克。這款撲克牌不僅外觀精美,還具有極高品質和耐用性。當然,相信該片也會推出專屬版供粉絲們收藏。

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