Birthday Party 生日表演

Party Magician


One Hour Performance

~15-20 minutes Middle Distance Magic Show
~10 minutes Close-Up Magic
~20-30 minutes Magic Class Section

Magic Class Tools Selection:
- Suitable Magic Gift ($50 @1)(Items can be upgraded with extra fee. Please check with the staff.)
-Regular Daily Life Stuff (Need to be prepared by the organizer, E.g. wood stick, tissue paper)

First Hour: HKD$1200 up
Second Hour: HKD$600 up

※ A shuttle service will exempt the Transportation Fee.
※ Transportation Fee: Remote Locations +HKD$200
※ If MTR does not reach the location,  will charge 2 times the Taxi fee from the nearest store or MTR station to your location.





- 合適的魔術禮物(HKD$50@ 1, 由我方提供)(如有需要可付費將道具升級, 詳情請向職員查詢)
- 日常生活用品(需要由客人準備,例如木棒,紙巾等等)

第一小時:HKD $ 1200起
第二小時:HKD $ 600起

※交通費:偏遠地區+ HKD$200