Schrödinger's Cat Playing Cards Series in 6 editions Alive Green Edition Dead Black Edition Dead & Alive Grey Edition Quantum Gilded Alive Green Edition Quantum Gilded Dead Black Edition Quantum Gilded Dead & Alive Grey Edition

HK$108 HK$128-15.63%

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An experimental playing cards project to Split the Universe. Inspired by the Schrödinger's Cat. First Vertical Maglev Deck Display

  •  Schrödinger's cat-themed playing cards collection 
  • Come in 3 colors & 2 editions for each color 
  •  1000 Limited with the standard edition
  •  500 Limited for Quantum Gilded Edition w/ Signature  for Kickstarter's Backers Only 
  •  Custom Tuck Box, Pips, and Courts
  • Embossing & Spot UV Tuck Box
  •  Custom Schrödinger's cat Experiment Brick Box 
  •  54 poker size playing cards (52 cards + 2 Jokers)
  •  Stretch Goals for Kickstarter's Backers Only 
  • Manufactured by The Key Card Playing Cards company 
  •  Supreme Finish and Neoclassic Stock perfect for Cardistry, Magic, Game & Collection.