The EVOLUSHIN Magic kit by Shin Lim is the most innovative and exciting Magic Kit on the market! Most magic kits put focus on the "toys" in the kit and not the person performing them. Shin Lim has developed a magic kit focused on the beginner, which makes YOU the star of the show! Shin did this by creating and adapting SECRET TOOLS that will make you look like you have spent years learning difficult sleight of hand. The EVOLUSHIN kit will make you look like a professional Magician because all the tricks are professional level! Each trick has been handpicked to bring you the MAXIMUM response from your audience! EVERYTHING IS EASY TO LEARN AND PERFORM! You will receive all the SECRET TOOLS and SPECIAL APPARATUS to perform AMAZING MAGIC! CARD MAGIC COIN MAGIC MAKE ITEMS FLOAT IN THIN AIR! PAPER MONEY MAGIC VANISH ITEMS IN YOUR BARE HANDS! MIND READING LIQUID MAGIC MAKE ITEMS APPEAR AND DISAPEAR! MAKE ITEMS MAGICALY CHANGE PLACES PLUS, MUCH, MUCH MORE!

HK$428 HK$608-29.61%

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