A gamechanger in cube magic! With this project, we introduce the perfect finale to all existing cube magic routines. You are now able to magically SMASH a cube inside a jar! Right away, you hand out the impossible object for examination and give it away as a souvenir.


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Q: What is included?
- Everything you need to perform the trick
- New exclusively-designed gimmicks
- 1 Cube In Bottle Refill
- 5 RD Paper Bags
- 1 RD Cube
- 2 set of Stickers
- Full video instructions (50 minutes)

Q: Does the product include the bottle that I can give away?
- Yes, it is included. You can perform infinite times if you are not giving it away.

Q: Can we combine Cube In Bottle with other existing cube routine?
- Absolutely yes. You can combine it with any of your own routines. e.g.: Rd Insta + Venom Cube + Cube In Bottle

Q: Can I use my own paper bags?
- Yes you can. But you can also get our RD Paper Bags from our website, which are very affordable and in perfect size for our routines.

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