Make the strawberry on the biscuit stick vanish.

HK$140 HK$280(-50%)

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In 2020, we released P to P Paddle. It’s performed by many magicians on the social media and had a great reaction.

Now, we think it’s time to release a brand new flavor - Strawberry.

In the past, Dream Ikenaga released the same effect in Japan. But the size, texture, color and other details of the gimmick are different from the real biscuit stick.

With upgraded edition, the gimmick is more realistic, and we will teach you how to use real biscuit stick to perform this effect, so you can eat everything in the end.

P to P Paddle: Strawberry Edition comes in two versions - Standard and Deluxe.

Standard Version - comes with 1 set of gimmick.

Deluxe Version - comes with 2 sets of gimmicks.

You just need to make your own choice.