The new Odyssey v3 Aether Edition is coming from the darkness to let us Feel The Universe in our hands. This year...feel the shadows.



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General features:  

  • 52 playing Cards + 2 jokers Poker size. 
  • Black Matt tuck box.  
  • Legendary Finish. Luxury paper stock.  
  • Totally personalized.  
  • Transparent security band. 
  • Printed in Taiwan.  
  • Produced by Hanson Chien Production Co.  

Odyssey Aether Edition will be crafted with one of the best paper stocks in the world, Luxury paper stock. This brand new paper is thinner and softer than the Classic paper stock used for the First Edition. It was also used in Odyssey Boreals. This stock gives you more comfort and is easier to control when you perform flourishes that require some bending techniques like springs, pressure fans... something very appreciated among Cardists.